Anna wants to be Friends with Britney?


You guys have to check out where you will see first hand Anna in her kitchen, saying "I want to say to Britney Spears, if you want to be friends, I would so much love to hang out with you. I think you’re totally cool and I think we’re about to have our babies around the same time. I’d love to meet you. You can call my lawyer and best friend Howard Stern." Smith then blows a kiss for Britney. "I hope you do great on your second pregnancy." What’s that all about? Source: Star Magazine

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  • Rubyoxy

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    The Anna Nicole thing, really bothered me, as all unfortunate deaths do.

    The Britney thing, has bothered me since she started in the pop business, I always felt like she was never happy and that she was pushed into that world.
    Don’t get me wrong, she made the choices but it is still very sad.

    I hope someone can reach her, before it is too late – She is still young and could have a long happy life… but I think it will require her getting out of the business.