More pictures of Brangelina family




The beautiful people, living the good life.  I know most of you have seen these pictures but celebitchy had some good scans that I wanted to share.

Source: celebitchy

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  1. bazz_44

    Ich denke, dass Paparazzi das Familienleben der Leute zerstören können, klar habt ihr, das Recht in der Öffentlichkeit Bilder zu schießen, aber meistens wird es übertrieben.

    P. S. Ich mag Angelina Jolie und ihre Filme

  2. Alec

    Zahara is the cutest “daddy’s girl” on the planet. Maddox is the reason I started following the happenings of the Jolie-Pitt family. Once Shilou gets older and cuter, the Jolie-Pitt’s will be the most beautiful family on the planet.


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