Kate Beckinsale & family out shopping



What do you think about Lily’s make-up?  She’s only 7…kids grow up way too fast.  I have two girls, under the age of 5.  My five year old would wear make-up if she could (in fact so would my 4 year old) We have a strict rule that it’s for teenagers only.

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  1. gulll

    it looks like kitchey school-play kind of stuff, her mom is way too sophisticated to make-up her daughter seriously

  2. AC

    I agree. That was my first thought. She just did it for fun at the makeup counter.

  3. Lisa

    You know…I never even thought of that! You could very well be write eb!

  4. eb

    I bet she got it done at the counter at Saks for fun.

  5. Nicole

    That’s a bit much.


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