Tim & Faith Lunch at The Ivy


Power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The couple are parents to 3 girls: Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.

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  • meghan

    thanks for the info Robin! and yes, there were other pics of them “arm in arm.” I choose these pics because no one else was posting them.. they were different. There was no intention of showing Tim & Faith “having relationship problems.” I thought they were interesting because we could see how accessible they were to fans! I am a huge fan of Tim & Faith’s!

  • Robin

    The funny thing about this picture is that it was taken about two years ago when Faith had Blonde hair she now has Auburn and Tim now carries a Black razor phone,their true fans no this and don’t read in to anything if you go to celebrites.com you will see more pictures of them and they are in each others arms.Plus they are going on tour this summer together. God Bless Tim and Faith

  • Lisa

    you could be right, they always seemed to be so in love but you never know!

  • suz

    I hate to say it but their body language suggests there may be some validity to the rumors not all is well in their marriage.

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