Bluebell Madonna gets christened



4/22/07: Geri Halliwell’s daughter Bluebell Madonna, 11 months, was christened today at at St. Michael’s Church, Highgate, London. Geri’s former Spice Girls friends Victoria Beckham (godmother), mom-to-be Emma Bunton (pictured above) and Melanie Chisholm were guests-the only one not present was Mel B, who has recently given birth to her second daughter in Los Angeles.


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  1. Geri Halliwell battezza Bluebell Madonna.

    L’adorabile bimba di Geri Halliwell , Bluebell Madonna, è stata battezzata giorni fà in una chiesa di Londra, Per l’occasione erano presenti alla cerimonia ovviamente la sua madrina Victoria ed alcune amiche e componenti delle Spice Girls


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