5/5/07: 4th Annual Dog & Baby Buffet


Fred Savage, wife Jennifer Lynn Stone and son Oliver Philip (8 mos).


Shanna Moekler with daughter Alabama Luella Barker (1). Shanna and Travis have a son Landon who is (3). Travis has a stepdaughter Atiana (7).


Strong Medicine’s Rosa Blasi and husband Jim have one daughter Kaia Jane (8 mos).


Dean McDermott with wife Tori Spelling have Liam Aaron (born 3/13/07).


Rena Sofer with husband Sanford and daughter Avalon Leone (21 mos).


Beverly Hill’s 90210 alum Jason Priestly with wife Naomi Lowde. The couple is due with their first baby this summer.


Neal McDonough with wife Ruve.  The couple is obviously pregnant- due date not known.

credit: WireImage

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