Maggie Gyllenhaal feeds Ramona


Maggie Gyllenhaal was out with friends at Bonsignour in New York City. The paparazzi were everywhere and once again photographed an un-fazed Maggie breastfeeding Ramona, 8-months[see pics at dlisted] afterwards Ramona was spoon fed some lunch.

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  1. Lisa

    Claire, I couldn’t agree with you more…I decided not to purchase the pics b/c I felt it was rude of the paparazzi…I have no problems with breastfeeding, it’s totally natural-but they shoould respect her privacy.

  2. Claire

    … I mean how d-listed did. Not you, guys, here :-D

  3. Claire

    I personally see nothing wrong to breastfeed your child whenever it is hungry. But I think it’s actually rude to take pictures of a women (even though celebrity) who is doing it and even POST IT TO THE INTERNET :-(


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