Faith Hill


Country superstar Faith Hill on the July 2007 cover of Redbook magazine. Faith & hubby Tim McGraw have 3 daughters: Gracie Katherine (10), Maggie Elizabeth (9), and Audrey Caroline (5).

More gorgeous pictures of Faith in the extended post!

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  • Creena

    Ok, I know you are going to think this is terrible, but has anyone noticed something about Tim and Faith’s middle child, Maggie? They rarely talk or say too much about her. Both Gracie and Audrey were mentioned by Tim and Faith in this Redbook interview, but Maggie never was. When you look at Pics of the entire family, Maggie is usually excluded from Gracie and Audrey. If you see Maggie with one of her parents it is with Faith and never Tim. I am not trying to say they are in any way bad parents, but this is just something that someone else brought to my attention and I was wondering if anyone else had noticed it.

  • Donna

    faith hill is a has been who slept her way to get into show biz…her lack of morals and telling young girls to get breast inplants are what is wrong today…she is nothing but a sore loser and a has been ..

  • asim

    nice hair,eyes,&style

  • suze

    I love her!

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