Mark Wahlberg’s partner Rhea & kids


Model Rhea Durham, 28, is actor Mark Wahlberg long time partner, together they have two children, Ella, 3, and Michael, 1.

Durham tells Cookie about their parenting style, “We talk about discipiline and schools all the time now,” “As a parent, you constantly have to be on your game. You’re forming adults. Disciplining-staying consistent with it is hard. There’s always guilt involved: that you’re not doing enough, that your not up to par.”

More pictures in the extended post

Cookie July|August p.126-129



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  1. Lisa

    April, thanks for waking me up! I read the article-but had they were ‘married’ in my head for some reason!

  2. april

    they are not married
    he has spoke out very strongly about marriage but said that he loves her very much

  3. Little Michael is soooooooo cute!!! I love his chunky face!


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