Jen & Luciana do some shopping


Jennifer Garner and Luciana Barosso do some shopping in Hawaii, where they are vacationing with their families.

I know it’s bad to speculate, but Jen looks like she could almost be pregnant in this picture. I know it could be her posture, or just the angle, but it’s also no secret that they plan to have more kids.


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  1. It could be her posture but she definitely does look pregnant! Still really thin everywhere else, just has a bit of a tummy.

  2. ivy

    she REALLY looks pregnant, also in one of your earlier pictures of her in the water with luciana and violetwearing a orange dress, she looked pregnant too.

  3. laura

    I agree she does look pregnant in this picture, but I recently saw a picture of her on a surf board and she looks really skinny and fit.


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