Jennifer Garner is totally not pregnant!


I speculated in an earlier post that Jen looked pregnant, but after this photo I am so wrong. Jen and Ben celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary by going surfing in Hawaii. They are vacationing there with Matt Damon and his family.


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  • laura

    There are many pictures out there that I have seen that Jennifer Garner looks totally pregnant. It would be nice to hear one day soon that she is pregnant. It would be nice for Violet to have a sibling.

  • Dawn

    It would be nice to see less speculations on this site. There are many physical conditions that can cause someone to appear to be in the early stages of pregnancy. It could also be nothing at all. Either way, it’s not very nice to zoom in on someone’s abdomen with the tag line, “PREGNANT??” if you aren’t sure she is.

    Just my 2 cents.

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