Michelle Williams out with Matilda



Michelle Williams out with her daughter Matilda Rose, 1 1/2, in Brooklyn, NY. They did some shopping for the 4th of July.


Click extended post to see Michelle with her friend or nanny..


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  • suze

    omg, she looks just like Heath..Michelle doesn’t look happy

  • Jenny

    She seems real needy and controlling. I’m surprised she’s not in Chicago making sure Heath goes home to her each night. Something’s not right, maybe they have split?

  • laura

    Michelle looked so much better with her longer hair. I am not a big fan of this haircut and I agree she never smiles.

  • Mrs Hatake

    ooops A thought NOT an…sheesh I cant even speak English and Im talking about her hair! ROFL

  • Mrs Hatake

    Matilda does look exactly like her daddy! She is so adorable! Maybe Michelle is sour because of her awful haircut? just an thought..lol.

  • sookooyah_gurl

    Matilda looks just like Heath!

    Michelle is always sour. She should really lighten up, it is not that serious.

  • Lisa

    The nanny wasn’t in this particular photo

  • LW

    I’m with you, Jill, on your comments. Matilda is such a beautiful baby.

  • Jill

    They were walking with Matilda’s nanny, don’t kinow why you didn’t show her.

    Michelle always looks so serious and pissed off. Why? She should be deliriously happy to have such a beautiful baby with the man she loves…even though he just won’t marry her.

  • Suzumi

    in the first photo Matilda looks just like her father 😀

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