Katharine McPhee is pregnant

Just kidding, Katharine McPhee from American Idol sports a faux baby bump on the set of her new movie. With her is co-star Rumer Willis who plays her dorky friend. The movie is a sorority comedy which remains untitled. The movie is tentatively titled “House Bunny.” Thanks Lauren:-)



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  1. Lauren

    The movie is tentatively titled “House Bunny” :)

  2. Luis Atehortua Jr.

    The only time I love watching and listening to Katherine McPhee is when she wore that special fake pregnant belly prosthesis! I love the fake pregnancy prosthesis very much because it is also a very special tool for women to be treated with a great deal of respect, especially from men! In 2013, I plan to get at least two of those prosthesis for my dream special effects disguise project! I shall email Katharine McPhee to let her know that I am very,very disappointed with her, because she can use the pregnant character for another movie which I am very slowly writing up! The housebunny fake belly video should still be good until the end of 2013! This special-effects disguise is what I love the most!


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