Sharon Stone & her three boys at LAX

Actress Sharon Stone and her three adopted sons at LAX. Roan Bronstein, 7, Laird Stone, 2, and Quinn Stone, 1. They’re cute boys (we don’t see them much)





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  • Miriam


    WOW, her children are looking very cute and kind!

    – MiriamlovesSharon –

  • theresa

    Thanks for apologizing Lisa…I am a regular reader so that is why I commented as I was very upset by your post…as the word is still very ignorant towards adoption.

    And Jenn…it is actually more common then people are aware for children of an open adoption to resemble their adoptive parents based on the simple fact that some birthmoms choose parents based on looks and wanting their child to resemble the adoptive parents. And perhaps I am being touchy but I am just sick of people always making a point to comment about this or that “adopted” child…no one ever writes her “c-section” daughter so why point out they are adopted at all.

    I am very proud both my girls are adopted but it is not who they are nor do I refer to them as my adopted children when I discuss them or introduce them to people…simply as they are…my girls!

    And Ivy I very much doubt she cared if her kids were blonde…anyone fortunate enough to have children through adoption doesn’t give a darn what they look like or fill out a form requesting what you want for looks…as all anyone who adopts wants is a child to love!

  • lynn

    Jenn, it isn’t. That’s the precise point. If there is no stigma in being adopted why toss the word in all the time? If it was common place to say biological child constantly than no one would consider it odd to say adopted. Sadly, we’re not that evolved yet. The way you just worded it is correct. The proper word is biologically. I understood what was meant, however take great offense to the implication that a child is less your own than when you biologically have it. Trust me, when I walk the floors at 2 in the morning my 4 kids are mine. There’s no one rushing the door to take them. LOL

    And Lisa, thank you for apologizing. People don’t realize the harm that is done. People really are that ignorant and do make similar statements to the children’s faces.

  • Jen

    Seriously, lighten up, folks. Touchy, touchy. They were not biologically made within her, so therefore it is striking when adopted children resemble the woman who adopted them. Why are people accused of being disrespectful towards adoption when it’s acknowledged that a child was, indeed, adopted? Why does the adoption become a dirty word after the fact?

  • ivy

    lighten up people, i was thinking the same thing. i wonder if she requested blonde kids? they do look like they could be her biological children.

  • Lisa

    I apologize if I sounded ignorant, I made a mistake in the way the post was worded, in no way did I mean to offend anyone. I didn’t mean she could “pass them off as her own” I simply thought there was a resemblance. If you are a regular reader, you should know that I am respectful, and usually give the readers the facts mixed with a bit of my objective opinion

  • Lynn

    They are her own! When is the world going to be come educated on this subject?

  • theresa

    re sharon stone and her boys

    first they are her “own”

    second the point of adoption isn’t to “pass kids off as your own”

    very ignorant comments!

  • Liubo Atanasov

    …..and Look like her!!!!!!!

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