A Rough Month For Britney

Britney shows herself after a sequence of bad events this month. I don’t really cover Brit a lot, but so much has happened in just two weeks, if you missed anything, here is a recap starting with the VMA’s:


Disaster at the VMA’s

The excuses pour in

Britney Spears & K-Fed Meet at Lawyer’s Office

More VMA stories

Will she redeem herself?

Britney may lose custody of SPF and Jayden

Brit stands alone

A hit on K-Fed??

Judge to Brit — You Got Substance Abuse Problems, gets 50/50 custody for now

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  1. Jen

    All this and she still went out and partied last night. If she wasn’t a celebrity, those children would’ve been removed a long time ago. I hope they can have a normal life before they’re old enough to start remembering this craziness.


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