Mary-Louise Parker With New Baby Girl & Son Will

Mary-Louise Parker picks up her son William Atticus, 3 1/2, from nursery school in New York City. With Mary-Louise is her newly adopted baby girl, whom she adopted from Africa, and her nanny to lend a helping hand.


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  1. Nancy

    Cute baby! hey dufus with the comment about her 3 year olds boy
    That age generally DOES still ride in strollers! Obviously you don’t have children
    The woman with her may be be looking like a fat nanny but check out the nose my guess is their related! Pretty sweet!

  2. I wish Mary-Louise would tell us the little girl’s name and age

  3. ivy

    yes he is

  4. suze

    she’s cute! isn’t her son too old for a stroller?


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