Travis Barker & Kids At The Pumpkin Patch

This is the time of the year when everyone goes apple and pumpkin picking. The celebs are no different, so expect to see lots of pictures soon of their weekend pumpkin picking outings. Travis Barker gets an early start and visits the pumpkin patch with his kids; son Landon, 4 (turns 4 on October 9), daughter Alabama, 21-months, and step-daughter Atiana, 8, in LA on September 30.



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  • Anonymous

    i wish you would come out with another show with your family cause they are so cute and also another album cause i listen to the greast blink 182 hits everday in my car know ever word to every song and think you are awesome and should write some new ones

  • aw

    Ok, you scroll down to see the kids, and it’s like whoa daddy!

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