Ryder Gets A Ride

Ryder Robinson gets pushed around the his neighborhood by actress Sara Foster, a friend of Ryder’s mom Kate Hudson.




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  • Ja-j

    I got rid of my stroller when my youngest turned 4. I just couldn’t stand pushing that thing around anymore. Let the kid out of the stroller and get some exercise for crying out loud.

  • Jen

    Older kids constantly riding in strollers seems to be a celebrity thing. It’s like the stroller is the kid’s limo. Heaven forbid they get themselves from point A to point B without assistance! 😉

  • ivy

    thats true :) maybe they think the stroller protects him against something.

  • madam pince

    Can this child not walk? He’s almost four years old — time to take to his own two feet for a stroll around the neighborhood!

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