Mariska Takes August To Work

Look at how adorable August is!! Mom Mariska Hargitay is pictured with him on the set of Law and Order: SVU recently.


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  • antigonie

    he looks like a life sized doll.
    kinda looks like he has make up on all the time.
    he never takes a bad photo.

  • melanie

    my fav. little guy! so adorable and i love love love mariska..everytime i talk about her or hear about her i get this annoying voice and im like MUHHHH RISHHHKAAA RISHHKA..ppl dont like it but idc i love her name!!

  • Mandi

    He’s so cute, and his eyes are always half-mast. Like he’s perpetually sleepy. ADORABLE!

  • ghfty44

    Such a handsome boy.

  • Rachel

    GOd!! what a gorgeous kid!!!! I just adore and love his mom Mariska!!!! I could never get tired saying her name!!!!! And August and her always look so cute together 😀

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