Meg Ryan Arrives In Maui With Jack & Daisy

Meg Ryan arrives in Maui with her 17 year old son Jack (in the front), daughter Daisy True and a nanny-not sure if the nanny is to the left or behind them?

Isn’t Daisy adorable in those red glasses? Meg looks wonderful!


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  1. Linda

    Thanks for the picture. The nanny is behind them. She is a young woman with dark hair.

    Jack is only 15, not 17.

  2. Lisa

    You’re welcome! Thanks for the info :-)

  3. lucia

    Daisy is so cute! I love her style, and Meg looks younger.
    Anybody knows if Meg has a partner?

  4. Suze

    she is adorable..

  5. Daisy is more than adorable! I really really love her…


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