James Wilke Leaving Home On Thanksgiving

James Wilke Broderick leaves home with his mom, Sarah Jessica Parker on Thanksgiving (she’s behind him). SJP was carrying a Bee Movie bag with James’ things, which included Transformer toys.

Pacific Coast News

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  1. Jen

    What is he wearing? I’m sure in SJP’s world it’s trendy, but in this part of the country those pants look two sizes too small. ;)

  2. Lisa

    You’re right-I thought the same thing…they are probably $100 pants though.

  3. lucia

    He’s wearing horrible clothes but maybe he pick up what to wear… Anyway, He’s so cute, and is a mini mi of SJP.

  4. Horrible clothes. Too bad because he’s cute…

  5. Anonymous

    Bonpoint sweater (french brand)


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