Lookalikes: Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise

I think Suri really looks like her mom now. I know the haircut is the same, but there’s something else…I just can’t pinpoint it. What do you guys think?

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  1. You’re right. Ever since Suri turned a year old she’s been looking more and more like her mom.

  2. Allison

    Talk about a resemblance to Anna Wintour!!!!

  3. Claire

    She still has a lot of baby features so hard to say… But I think her eyes are still Tom’s :-) She is the MOST BEAUTIFUL kid in Hollywood!!

  4. popsykl

    She’s gorgeous! looks like both of them a real good mixer, loyal to both teams.

  5. E.

    I definitely agree, she has Tom’s eyes, but also looks a lot like her mom.

    An incredibly cute baby!

  6. Two beauty and sweet human being

  7. lucia

    She has Tom’s nose and skin, but: eyes, mouth, hair and body is like Katie Holmes.
    She’s so pretty!!

  8. Anonymous

    Suri is a clone!

  9. Anonymous

    She look more of the cousin of Tom Cruise from Lost – definitely the sperm donor!!!


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