Heidi Klum Out Shopping With Her Family

Heidi Klum does some Christmas shopping with her family: mom, her three kids, nannies, and I’m not sure who the two men are? I love the picture of Leni playing in the snow!

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  • Vicki

    Adorable little girl. And I miss snow (most of the time).

  • Dani

    The man in the red jacket is her father.

  • Janiekins

    Leni is adorable. The man in the red jacket is NOT Leni’s father.

  • amy

    No the man in the red jacket is Heidi’s father Guether Klum. Leni is to cute.

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  • Émilie

    The youngest man is Heidi’s brother and the oldest, her father.

  • Dani

    Nobody said it’s Lenis father. Its Heidis father – as the post is called “Heidi Klum out shopping…” and the answer is “it’s her father”.

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