Reverend Run’s Baby Girl

Miley Justine Simmons makes her debut in Us magazine this week. Run, 43, and wife Justine, 42, adopted Miley when she was a month old in September – exactly one year after Justine gave birth to a daughter who didn’t survive.

She is now 4 months old. “She’s brought so much energy to the house. My wife cried the other day when Miley busted out laughing.”

“The more you mourn, the more you want to mourn. I would have landed in depression,” she tells Us.

“I wanted a girl really bad, and I knew I wasn’t going to try again,” she says. Justine has two other boys with Run and is the step-mom to a boy and two girls.

“It’s heaven,” Run tells Us, “to have this baby come into our house at this time, at Christmas.”

I’m so happy for Run and his wife! Miley is adorable.


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  • sassfras

    This is so sweet. Congratulations to them for the addition to their home.

  • Misha

    Miley is cute they got her dress in an Africian Tribe outfitt though I wonder were she’s from

  • Sandra

    what a beautiful baby. Congratulations

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