Is Katie Holmes Having Problems Getting Pregnant?

Apparently Katie Holmes is having problems getting pregnant. Here’s what a source told Britain’s Now magazine,

“She’s really upset about it. The one thing she wants more than anything is a son for Tom. “She says they’ve been trying since the summer, but it just hasn’t happened for them yet. “Katie and Tom sat down and had a heart-to-heart and decided it might be worth her going to see the doctor to get checked out.”

It’s reported that the couple may be seeing a fertility specialist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles later this month.

Who knows if it’s true, it very well could be. The part about wanting to give Tom a son is weird, he has a son, remember, his name is Connor.


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  • Anonymous

    What? There isn’t a scientology voodoo spell to cure this? She’s actually going to go to a ::gasp:: doctor?

  • workout mommy

    if this is true, maybe it is because she is so darn thin? And running a marathon doesn’t really help matters, especially when you are that skinny.

  • Krista

    Did they have trouble getting pregnant with Suri? Mmmm I don’t think so. I agree that she is too thin. Stress doesn’t help and I would think it is very stressful living up to Tom’s expectations.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me think back to the Chris Klein conspiracy theory. Maybe Suri isn’t Tom’s???

  • Anonymous

    It takes two to tango as the saying goes! So How about Mr Perfect seeing a specialist? Seeing as Katie Is young & has already had one baby could he not be the problem? Men!!!!!

  • Lora In Kentucky

    You know what people. Do any of you know Tom Cruisee personally? I don’t. Therefore, I wouldn’t say things like oh,…gasp…a doctor. People are always talking like Katie is under some trance that Tom forces her into. A lot of people have trouble getting pregnant (myself in fact!). For Gosh sake, these are real people and none of you know their life, so let them be. They have a right to their religion just the same as you and I.

  • Jen

    I wouldn’t believe this piece, particularly because doctors tell women (especially Katie’s age!) not to worry about infertility unless they’ve been actively trying for 12-18 months with no results. She already has one biological child who, I think we can safely assume, was easy to conceive. This piece of gossip just doesn’t add up.

  • lucia

    sure she doesn’t eat, so maybe she doesn’t ovulate the way she has. maybe she is an anorexic.
    tom cruise has a son!
    katie holmes was gorgeous but when she met victoria beckham starts her madness. (too much thin, she only wears relly expensive dresses)
    her face changes a lot! she is older now, but never was sooooooo thin…. can be the problem.

  • maria

    It really doesn’t matter if she’s already had one baby. There’s a thing called secondary infertility. So you never know! And I agree that they both should get checked out. Most cases of infertility are 50/50 between the man and woman.

  • Nope

    Don’t Tom love his adopted children as much as Suri?

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