Jake Gyllenhaal & Tobey Maguire Run Into Each Other In Brentwood

Actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire ran into each other in Brentwood over the weekend. Tobey and his family were waiting for a table at a local restaurant, and Jake just happened to be driving by, saw the family and got out to say “hello”.

Jake and Tobey are co-starring together in the film Brothers which has been shooting in New Mexico over last few weeks.

The man holding 1-year old Ruby, is Tobey’s father in law, Ron Meyer- head of Universal Studios.

Either Tobey really likes the Spiderman look, or he just finished up a bike ride.

mr_fp_185301wtmk.jpg mr_fp_185302wtmk.jpg mr_fp_185305wtmk.jpg mr_fp_185307wtmk.jpg


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  1. gogomama

    she looks just like her mama…poor child

  2. Suze

    Ruby is cute, it looks like she’s picking her nose in the one pic

  3. Skadi

    She is cute (as all children are… there are no ugly children imho), but reminds me somehow of Michael Moore. *giggle* Don’t know why…

  4. Anonymous

    Jake looks like a bum asking for money.


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