Nicole Richie & Christina Aguilera Both At Cedars: Nicole Is In Active Labor is reporting that Nicole Richie is at Cedars-Sinai. Dad-to-be, Joel Madden was overheard in the hall saying, “She’s going to start pushing soon.”

The funny thing is, that I didn’t know that when I created the poll in the sidebar(thanks Laura ;-) )that Christina Aguilera has been at Cedars since last night. She was suppossedly having a c-section on January 10th – but no word on her yet.

That would be exciting if they were born on the same day! I’ll keep you all posted!


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  1. Maru

    wow they both look big!! But Christina looks bigger…
    I hope she deliver first just because i don’t like Nicole or Joel :P lol

  2. nosoupforyou

    Harlow Winer Kate is Nicole’s daughter.

  3. nosoupforyou

    Sorry, typo..

    Harlow Winter Kate is Nicole’s daughter.

  4. minou

    Kevin Jon,Christinas son

  5. Jailynn

    Christina had a boy and Nicole had a girl,Harlow!!!!
    Come on Celebrity Baby…catch up!!!!

  6. Lisa

    Sorry for the bad reporting guys…I went to bed 9ish EST…I was beat, so last I looked nothing was happening. :-)


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