Carrie-Anne Moss & Kids In LA

Carrie-Anne Moss & Kids In LA

Carrie-Anne Moss of The Matrix was spotted out with her boys, Owen, 4 1/2, and (Brooke?) in L.A. Now, the photo agency says the younger sons name is Brooke – but when I did some research, the only thing I could find was info about her older son. She is extremely private – so if anyone knows if Brooke is her younger boys name, let me know in the comments.


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  1. daisy

    Her youngest sons name is Jaden.

  2. sonya

    rumoured to be Jaden. But i heard somewhere that its Dayton. No one will know for sure until they hear it with their own ears. Same with Owen. Someone overheard her at a yoga class or something and said that his name is Owen.

    Adorable kids though. Owen is getting so big, he definitely is very tall for a four year old. :)

  3. madam pince

    Jaden is what I’ve heard for the second boy. I commend her for keeping their lives private, but this level of secrecy seems a bit paranoid. Did The Matrix leave a bad impression upon her?

  4. Chris

    I’m sure that her elder son is called Owen. But about youngest boy I’ve got doubts… However, majority web sites say that his name is Jaden.


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