Jacinda Barrett & Gabriel Macht Take Satine For A Stroll

Jacinda Barrett & Gabriel Macht Take Satine For A Stroll

Australian model turned actress, Jacinda Barrett and husband Gabriel Macht take their daughter Satine Anais Geraldine, 5-months, out for a stroll.


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  1. Anonymous

    Am I the only one that reads “satin” when I see that name?

  2. Anonymous

    I meant “Satan” … good grief I’m tired today.

  3. Anonymous

    Why does it look like she’s listing the things she doesnt like about him????? And he looks alittle confused/hurt in that last pic……

  4. Anonymous

    He’s dressed cute….. but what the hell is she wearing???? I think he is way to hot for her……..

  5. Alice

    awwwww they are adorable together .. long may it last!!
    and there baby girl is a cutie xD


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