Jennifer Garner & Violet Hit The Library

Jennifer Garner and Violet visited the Los Angeles Public Library along with her assistant on Friday. Jennifer and Violet picked out a bunch of books, one of them is The Five Little Monkeys!

mr_fp_192751wtmk.jpg mr_fp_192755wtmk.jpg mr_fp_192788wtmk.jpg


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  1. Maru

    awww Violet is sooo big!! :D She’s really cute, she looks like my cousin with her pigtails :P

  2. tess

    I just love her. she is one of my favourite Celebrity baby (kids).
    Violet is sooooo cute, and she is so big.
    she is really look like her mom.

  3. wow, Violet looks like she has gotten so “old”! She really is adorable!

  4. Lyla85

    i love this family. they seem to be so normal.

    i like the fact they going to the libary and not buying her everything.

  5. Hannah

    Omg that kid is gonna me a model when she gets older ;) .. I loove that she looks like her beautiful mom :)

  6. Love how normal Jennifer is. Taking kids to the library as a treat is the best thing to do.


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