Postpartum Nicole Richie Wears A Little Black Dress

Postpartum Nicole Richie Wears A Little Black Dress

Can you believe she gave birth just two weeks ago and she can fit into a little black dress? Seriously any signs that she was pregnant are gone – I’m not jealous, just amazed!

Nicole Richie, 26, and her boyfriend Joel Madden, stepped out Friday night to attend a party for Richie’s manager Benny Medina in L.A.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy leaving Harlow at home – I’ll bet they didn’t stay out too long. If you missed it Joel wrote about Harlow on his blog last week.


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  1. kayembe

    All signs of the pregnancy are gone…except for the boobs!

  2. michelle

    Isn’t it generally pretty easy to bounce back after your first pregnancy when you’re in good shape to begin with and young? That’s how I remember it anyway.

  3. Liz

    Yeah, i was back in my clothes w/in 2-3 weeks after my first. My second and third,not so much!! She looks great.


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