Christina’s Baby Is Worth More Than Nicole’s

According to Gawker, Harlow’s magazine debut has sold to People Magazine for $1 million, while the bidding for exclusive rights to Max’s first photo spread is already at $1.5 million. OK! and People Magazines are the magazines in the midst of a bidding war for Max’s premiere.

I think it crazy how this goes on, I like how Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber introduced Alexander – much more low keyed.

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  • Liz

    Sorry, but I would rather see Harlow before Max. Can’t really stand either one, but Christina really gets on my nerves.

  • Shayla

    But at least Christina’s got a legitimate claim to fame. I’m sure both babies are adorable.

    Maybe Nicole can keep some of the weight on her and not get to her pre-pregnancy weight.

  • Skangela

    But Naomi Watts and Liv Schreiber don’t sell magazine covers like Christina and Nicole do. People who buy US Weekly, People, or OK! are not as interested in Alexander as they are in Max or Harlow.

    BTW, Harlow’s dad is pretty famous. Blink 182 is a mainstream band that is always on the “top 40” hits list. Nicole is not this baby’s ticket to fame, just like Jordan isn’t baby Max’s.

  • Skadi

    Well, Harlow’s dad can’t be that famous if you think he’s in Blink 182. 😉 He is actually the lead singer of “Good Charlotte”.

  • Just Saying

    At least do like Angelina Jolie who does sell it but donates all the money to charity. That’s for a good cause.

  • MommyGirl

    I think Christina is only getting more money because she held out longer. Nicole and Joel had a deal with People before Harlow was even born.

  • Angie2

    I have to admit that I am more interested in seeing Nicole Richie’s baby. I guess it’s because I’ve grown too like her over the last year. I’ve been rooting for her to grow up and get betterI couldn’t stand her before and I like Joel Madden. I think both sets of parents are a unique mix. I do want to see Little Max too. I’m sure they’re both cuties.

  • Brandi


  • Hannah

    Christina is such a diva :@ I don’t even wanna see max ,I’m more interested in seeing Harlow

  • stephanie

    im not intrested in looking at eithier baby

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