Pregnant Tori Spelling Shows Off Her Belly

In Touch recently reported that Tori Spelling was expecting baby #2, and it looks like their source was right! Tori and Dean are pictured out and about in Santa Barbara – she looks great! I wonder how far along she is? She looks pretty big – 5 or 6 months?


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  1. cara

    uh yeah. I’d say says DEFINITELY pregnant. Has she been in hiding or something? i can’t believe this wasn’t reported earlier…

  2. wow! she is REALLY pregnant!!!!! I’m surprised she is having another one so fast!

  3. Jailynn

    Holy Crap!!!! Considering that news only came out…like last week…..she’s huge!!!
    Guess ppl were slow on that report!LOL

  4. christine

    Holy Crap is right!!

  5. amyblue

    that looks like 6 months or multiples~! wow. her liam is the same age as my daughter, 10, almost 11 months old. i just can’t imagine.

  6. Angela

    She looks about 6 months gone. How did she keep the bump hidden for so long?! I saw a picture of her at some event a few weeks ago, saw no bump at all. I reckon she will have a girl.


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