Angelina Jolie In Another Loose Fitting Outfit

Angelina Jolie In Another Loose Fitting Outfit

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are pictured Saturday night at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, where Jolie was given an award for the Outstanding Performance of the Year, for A Mighty Heart. With a lot of people convinced Angelina is pregnant, the word from her camp is still mum – there have been reports that she will sell her news to the highest bidder, and donate the money to charity. We’ll see! More pictures of the event at Dlisted.


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  1. cara

    Whoa Brad. You’re hurting my eyes! Did your stylist go on vacation?

  2. ivy

    atleast brads head is still hot, but somebody please get angelina some powder for her face!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe she is just fat. I hide under loose fitting clothes when I’m bloated too.


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