Lookalikes: Madonna & Lourdes

Madonna and daughter Lourdes, 11, posed together at the Madonna and Gucci “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF” in NYC Wed.

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  1. Jen

    What a beauty. She will be a knock-out when she’s older (Lourdes, not Madonna). :)

  2. antigonie

    i know shes only a kid…but madonna needs to take lourdes to get something done with those eyebrows.

  3. Ann

    Lourdes is bringing eyebrows back!!! Good for her…

  4. Lisa

    Lourdes is a natural beauty – Madonna has the same eyebrows, I’m sure she’ll eventually tweeze.

  5. Emily

    I think it’s actually wonderful that Madonna has either not suggested to, or not allowed, Lourdes to get her eyebrows done. My mom wouldn’t have let me do that when I was 11 anyway. She does look pretty… unique, but I think it’s neat that she is comfortable with herself!

  6. Anonymous

    i really dont like her eyebrows, look really werid

  7. skangela

    there is nothing unique about having a unibrow. we all know how cruel little girls–or boys can be about looks at this age, do the kid a favor and tweeze.

  8. she is a beauty in the u tube video photoshop makover but pretty sooon those eyebrows are gonna be bushes (not suppopsed to be funny it is very serious) so pleaze i beg tweeeeeezze !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!those things ok thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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