Britney Spears Visits With Her Boys

After not seeing her boys since Jan. 3, Britney Spears was finally granted a visit with Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. The three hour visit was supervised by Britney’s father Jamie and her psychiatrist. A source told People

“The real hero was [Spears’s father] Jamie. He has taken charge, and she has visitation again.”

I think that having her father involved in her life is the best thing that has happened to her in a long time. Maybe there’s hope that she’ll turn her life around. As a mother I can’t imagine not being able to see my kids -it’s got to be heartbreaking for her.


Older picture of Britney & Boys

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  • Jailynn

    In pictures from the actual visit….it looks like Kevin cut the both the boys hair into shorter duos!!!!

  • Hannah

    I honestly don’t think he wants her kids! Its really sad that she is responsible enough to make 2 babys but not to take care of them.. Poor boys.

  • anjel

    yea it looks like she doesn’t want her kids
    you should shut your hole
    thats so good she got to see them

  • http://MSN Angie Melton

    Yes, No doubt thats fantastic for Brittney that shes enjoying her baby boys again… thats truly awesome!! Now if only the many “ignorantly opinionated” people of the world would just BUTT-OUT and leave well enough alone and get over it world… NOBODYS Perfect–WE All ARE HYPOCRITES!! xoxoxo My prayers & best wishes go out to you Brittney, Sean Preston & Jayden James. always, Angie Melton.

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