Ever Is A Baby Shopaholic!

Ever Is A Baby Shopaholic!

New mom Milla Jovovich, 32, and her four-month old daughter Ever Anderson were spotted at the Grove shopping mall.

By Contributor PtitePom


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  1. Dea

    Ah, it is so refreshing to see a celeb who does not potray a typical “I-need to lose weight-within-1 month-after birth” attitude. Mila looks healthy and glowing.

  2. Lora in Kentucky

    I agree. She had such a positive outlook on everything that was happening to her body both pre, during and post pregnancy.

  3. Emma

    Beautiful pix. For a second there, I thought that was Liv Tyler.

  4. gia

    i love milla! she is so adorable & seems so sweet & her baby is gorgeous too.

  5. Lol

    The last pic, the baby looks like it is about to do a massive poo!


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