Grandma Lynne Takes Britney’s Boys For A Walk

Grandma Lynne Takes Britney's Boys For A Walk

Lynne Spears was spotted outside of Kevin Federline’s house yesterday, taking Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 17-months, for a walk with their nanny. reports that after the walk, they visited their mom, Britney Spears.

I like their haircuts – they look adorable!


Photo: x17

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  1. wow muhc better with shorter hair!!

  2. ivy

    yea they got their hair cut!! now if we could just get ryder’s cut…

  3. nosoupforyou

    Lol.. about Ryder and Celine’s son.

    Their hair looks great!

  4. yeah, they’re looking great!!
    That’s soo good to see new pics of them

  5. DropThePilot

    I just hope Britney will get back to normal life. I’m sure they’ll give her a chance to really take care of them, if she just tries to!


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