A Family Affair

A Family Affair

The whole family came out to support Tori at the launch party for her new memoir ‘sTORI Telling’, yesterday in L.A. Dean held little Liam–who sported a mohawk, and Tori posed with their first baby, dog, Mimi La Rue. Tori is due with baby #2 in July. Not too sure about the yellow dress–although I have to say Tori looks great this pregnancy.

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  1. Dea

    Not digging the dress. She looks like a walking tulip. Baby Liam is so cute, look at that laugh on the last thumbpic!

  2. Debbi

    she looks very pretty i like the dress. she is actually due in early june from what i read at other baby sites. liam is so so cute!!!!!!!

  3. bluezy

    I think the dress is pretty although would be better in another color. Dean, on the other hand, looks like a dork with that haircut and those glasses.

  4. bluezy

    Me again….why would she bring a dog to a launch party??

  5. Debbi

    because that is mimi shes been very important in her reality shows lol

    celeb baby blog says tori is having a girl!!!!!! so exciting..

  6. Linda

    Liam is soo cute :)

  7. Bashful

    Love his hand placement in the second picture. I normally think Dean is a good looking guy…but in these pictures he DOES look like a total goob!


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