Diane Keaton & Duke In Westwood

Usually Diane Keaton is the one that’s barefoot, but this time it’s her son Duke. The duo were spotted yesterday in Westwood, CA. Diane adopted Duke in 2001, and also has an adopted daughter Dexter.

Photo: Flynet

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  • kayembe

    As an adoptive mom myself, I wish the distinction about adoption was not posted. It implies they are different.

  • Linda

    I disagree,Celebs have some inapact on people and when ordianry people hear about that celebrity have adopted,then they get inspired to do the samething and feel that there is nothing wrong with loving kids who arent yours biological.

    (sorry for my bad spelling)

  • ivy

    i disagree too. it doesnt have to be mentioned every time, but i like to know when a child is biological or adopted, just because i like to see if the kid looks like the parents. and its just another interesting peice of information about the family. you shouldnt be offended by it.

  • Drgnfly

    I think we all know by now that she has 2 adopted children…the media and papparazzi seem to dredge that up EVERY time they are seen in public…can’t they just live their lives like the rest of us without being hounded and scrutinized?!

  • kayembe

    Celebrities have no impact on me. I enjoy reading about them and what they do, but it certainly had no bearing on my reasons for adopting a child. I sure didn’t need a celebrity to know I can love a child I didn’t give birth to. A mom is a mom. To talk about kids being adopted rather than bio, is pointless. It’s about the same as some one saying how they gave birth…who cares.

  • JR

    Why is the fact that another person’s child being adopted either of any interest to you, or indeed any of your business. Some of the comments on here suggest that celebrity to be a motivator for others to adopt. Be that as it may, the relationship between a parent and adopted child need be of no concern to anyone else unless there is something wrong with that relationship. If that”s not the case then just don’t pry! The parent may put themselves in the limelight but every child has the same right to privacy.

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