Daddy’s Little Stars

Diddy and twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James made an appearance at the finale of “Making the Band 4” in NYC. Their outfits are very cute!

Source: ONTD

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  • Dea

    The girls are cute but cant stand PDiddy/Piddy/Diddledy whateverhisname.

  • Beth

    I have never seen those girls smiling – not once….somethings not right there….

  • Tiffany

    I agree I have never seen them smiling, but my daughter TJ never smiled for anyone besides family. I don’t think she smiled for a photographer until 8 months old. They probably don’t care for people they don’t know, but they are beautiful girls.

  • Rinoa

    I agree with you Dea, I don’t really like P. Diddy but his girls are pretty cute here!

  • Bluezy

    This is the first cute picture I have seen of these girls. They have a lot of potential and I’m sure they will grow to be beautiful women!!

  • liz

    they look unhealthy ,unhappy,and homely

  • poppy

    “I don’t think she smiled for a photographer until 8 months old.”

    These girls are much older than 8 months. They are almost 2.

    I agree something is not right with them. Maybe they have autism? They have the dead eyed look in every photo I see. The fact that they are also so overweight makes you think that there has to be more than just autism. I hope that the parents are taking good care of them….it’s hard not to wonder when you see so many photos where they look lifeless and unhealthy.

  • Dea

    @Poppy, I really dont know whether to laugh or shake my head when I read your post. Unless anyone of us here is a Medical Professional there is now way we can judge or presume there is something wrong with these babies let alone autism! you need to BE with them to know the signs not just by looking at the pictures.

  • Anne

    I do agree with some posters that its a bit odd there has NEVER been a photograph of these children looking the slightest bit engaged by anything going on around them. And I agree that they look overweight – the idea that being overweight is acceptable or “cute” just because its on a baby or toddler is disgusting. Of course most babies have chubby thighs and such, but rolls upon rolls of fat are not healthy.

  • http://celebritybaby bt

    It is okay for babie to be overweight . I believe they are not going to be overwight,for every.Because they have a beautiful
    mothe tin.She will take care of them.They are so adorable,
    It does’nt matter whether they smile or not they are adorable,
    Not all the babies smile.

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