Kevin Dillon & Family Grocery Shop In Malibu

Kevin Dillon & Family Grocery Shop In Malibu

Entourage’s, Kevin Dillon did some food shopping over the weekend with wife Jane Stuart and daughter Ava, 22-months, in Malibu. Looks like Ava had a little snack, while mom and dad loaded up the car. Kevin plays Johnny “Drama” Chase, on the HBO hit comedy series—if you’re a fan like me, look for new episodes in June of 2008.

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  1. Rinoa

    Wow, his wife looks beautiful (I love her dress).

  2. Jailynn

    That kid is HUGE for 10 months!!!!!

  3. Lisa

    Ooops, I meant 22-months, I was thinking of something else when I typed the age :-)


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