Liev, Naomi & Sasha At Sydney Airport

Liev, Naomi & Sasha At Sydney Airport

Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber and “Sasha” Alexander leave Sydney airport on a domestic flight today — not sure where the family is headed? Naomi and Sasha just returned to Sydney on Sunday, where Liev greeted them with a big hug and a kiss. The family is staying in Sydney, while Liev finishes filming the X-Men: Origins, with Hugh Jackman.

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  1. BV

    Sasha? Where does that come from?

  2. Mimi

    I remember that Sasha is a Slavic or Russian nickname for people who are called Alexander.

  3. Lisa

    Yes, Sasha is the Russian nickname for ‘Alexander’. She has mentioned in interviews that they call him Sasha (prob b/c Liev is Ukrainian) but they do still call him Alexander.

  4. Megs

    I much prefer Alexander. It is much more cute I think!

  5. Debbi

    yeah naomi calls him both names in print interviews but she never seems to say his name when i see her on a tv show so i think putting both names is good until it is clear what they call him outloud you know?. they baby is sooooo cute!!

  6. Sasha

    I think its awesome that they call him Sasha. My real name is Alexandra & I go by both names. Sasha is a diminutive of Alexander/-ra, kinda like a family nickname


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