Ed Burns & Grace On Bleecker Street

Ed Burns & Grace On Bleecker Street

Ed Burns and his daughter Grace, 4, (mom is model Christy Turlington) took in the sights and sounds of NYC this weekend. They strolled down Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, where they listened to Doo Wop singers — afterwards they did some shopping in Matt Umanov guitars.

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  • PtitePom

    Ok, there’s something I need to understand here: she has a Mom who was a super model, so she should know about fashion, right ? Now why is it that this little girl is always so terribly dressed ?!? Socks with flats ? Big winter coat with flats and summer dress/skirt ?? Do you think she picks up her clothes by herself ? (That would be the only excuse….)

    Except for that, she’s a really cute little girl. And her baby bro is a cutie pie, too!

  • http://www.workoutmommy.com workout mommy

    aw, what a cutie….with a cutie daddy!

  • Aliceknowsbest

    This sweet, innocent little girl is so “terribly dressed” (as quoted by Julie”) because she is a normal little girl wearing clothes that normal little girl’s wear. How could people be so superficial???? There are so many children in the world who suffer and are starving everyday and people are still more concerned about what a child wears to keep herself warm?? There is more to life than the clothes we put on our bodies; And it is terribly offensive when a person could go as far as to judge what a child is wearing!!! Grace is one of the most beautiful little girl’s out there, not because her parents are famous, but because she is an innocent child with GREAT loving parents!

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