Jason Bateman Gives Francesca A Lift

Jason Bateman gives Francesca Nora, 17-months, a piggyback ride at the Studio City Farmer’s market, yesterday in Los Angeles. Something tells me she’s having a good time! There’s talk that Jason will be directing Fox’s new comedy pilot The Inn, starring Niecy Nash.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Natalie

    Bless…she looks like a right little giggler! x

  2. Regina

    She just keeps getting prettier! And what lovely hair. What a cute little girl. She’s lucky to have such great parents!

  3. chocobunny

    Amanda ( who is sooooo beautiful…omg) and Jason are doing the right thing…. I love that they are proud parents…. Frannie is a beautiful baby…. in 2040 she will be the Lew Wiseman or Harvey Wiseman or Francis Coppola who delivers rich art…


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