The Jolie-Pitts Shop In Houston

The Jolie-Pitts Shop In Houston

Just two days after marriage rumors were denied – Brad, Angelina and their kids (minus Shiloh) were spotted shopping in Houston, Texas. Looks like Maddox, 6 1/2, Pax, 4 1/2, and Zahara, 3, got some good snacks and video games. Angelina looks great – The Sun reported that she has developed gestational diabetes. Whether it’s true or not, it’s something that is totally manageable. It’s really nice to see them out together!

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  1. anna

    i love this family. so normal and they are always doing stuff together.
    maddox has a wallet so i think he paid for the purchase himself. i like that they are teaching him the value of spending and saving money.

  2. Lora in Kentucky

    Amen Anna. So nice to hear a good comment about the Jolie-Pitts. I love them too!.

  3. Rinoa

    I love them too. She is really showing now!!

  4. I think it’s good they do a lot of humanitarian work…those who can do, should, and no one is more equipped financially to help than celebrities. I still think she is a homewrecker though.

    And where is Shiloh? You see them alot with the other three kids but not her…

  5. gia

    for some stupid reason i am really interested to know what angelina is eating…of course she has the most perfect bump.

  6. Anon

    Normal! Ha!

  7. Linda

    Gia: lol :P

    I love this family too,But I don’t likte that its almost always “minus shiloh” when they are out with the kids.

  8. maria

    son los mejores y los mas humanos

  9. Lisa

    @gia – I could swear she’s eating a slim jim or something like that – it looks like maddox is eating the same thing. i love this family too!

  10. remy

    they are in Austin, not Houston. Brad is filming Tree of Life here. They filmed at the State Capital on Friday.


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