Introducing James Olivia Fehr

Introducing James Olivia Fehr

CSI: Miami and Former Roswell star Brendan Fehr, 30, is one proud daddy, as he shows off his sweet new daughter, James Olivia Fehr. Brendan and his wife Jennifer welcomed James Olivia on March 26. Here’s what the new dad had to say,

“James Olivia Fehr is the new addition. 9 lb. 7 oz., 21 in. born March 26, 12:04 am. I’m just taking it all in and yeah whatever, it’s not your kid so you might not care (that’s how I am about other people’s kids so don’t feel bad) but I’m loving just watching the little monkey and won’t bore you since I think new parents have that tendency but man … just blessed, really blessed. Beautiful wife, beautiful child and a God who claims us all as His children. Couldn’t be happier.”

She’s adorable – what do you think of James being used as a girls name?

Source: Brendan

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  • tiffany

    sooo precious!

  • ivy

    i love the hair.

  • Tiffany

    I’m at lost as to why they named her James. I mean, really! There are so many unisex names out there. I hope James has a significant meaning for them.

  • Rinoa

    Yeah, I’m hating the name James for a girl’s first name. I don’t get it.

  • Nik

    I kind of like the name James for a girl, moreso than for a boy even – especially since Olivia is such a feminine name theres no mistakening shes a girl

  • ivy

    yeah, i like it. maybe they’ll shorten it to something cute. (not jim i hope :))

  • popsykl01

    we got girls called james and jagger joseph and boys called shaya….what is the world coming too you ask, but just remember ashley, kimberly and courtney were boys names first, maybe james is the new unisex name!!!!! my girls have very feminine names and my boys have strong male names but I guess you have to respect parents rights to call their offspring what they want even if you take a gasp!!! hehehe

  • Dea

    Oh my gawd, that is one cute munchkin..she looks like a 2 months rather than a newborn.

  • alicat

    my niece’s name is james elizabeth and it is a great name. they, like my sister, probably named her after someone great named james. great name. cute baby!

  • nicole

    i looove james for a boy with a feminine middle name like olivia. denise richards has sam j. for a girl and that seems to work. i really dont like jagger joseph though b/c they both seem like boy names.

  • hannah

    My 3 year old daughters name is James (we call her Jamie). She’s named after my father, who passed away just before her birth. James Cordeilia Owen :-)

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