Holly Robinson Peete @ Kids Choice Awards 2008

Holly Robinson Peete @ Kids Choice Awards 2008

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  1. ivy

    i dont understand how someone can give 2 of their children the same middle name….arent there enough names out there to choose from??

  2. Janet

    You don’t have to understand. That is the parent’s choice. I don’t understand the name apple, but I don’t loose sleep over it. Why name your child after a fruit. The Robinson’s are a beautiful family

  3. ivy

    apple is a million times better than giving your kids the same name as each other, atleast it’s original and her parents actually put some thought and meaning into it.

  4. Anonymous

    what kind of thought and meaning is behind the name apple?
    i agree with Janet – it is the parent’s choice

  5. Anon

    It’s a southern traditon with both blacks and whites to give children the same middle name.

  6. lauran

    I agree with Ivy. Just one more reason for me to stay away from the south :) That’s horrible. I’d name my kids banana, watermelon and grape before I’d give them the same name.

  7. Linda

    all of the kids look like her


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