Jodie Sweetin @ The Hot Mom To Be Handbook: Womb With A View Book Release

Jodie Sweetin at the book release party of The Hot Mom To Be Handbook: Womb With A View on April 2, 2008 at Pea in the Pod in Beverly Hills, California. Jodie and husband Cody Herpin are expecting a baby girl – her due date is April 6, 2008. They plan on naming the baby Zoie.

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  1. Bluezy

    I can’t look at this picture without thinking of little Stephanie Tanner on Full House. It seems wrong that she’s pregnant (and didn’t she do porn a while back too?). She looks like a teenager!!


    it seems wrong?shes 26 not 13

  3. PtitePom

    So, how do you pronounce that name, Zoie? Like Zoe/Zoey ?

  4. Dea

    God, I got a heartburn just looking at her..that must be uncomfortable especially she is almost due!


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