Jamie Lynn & Casey Meet Up At The Mall

After work yesterday, Casey Aldridge met up with Jamie Lynn and the two of them went shopping at JC Penney and a sporting goods store. Casey still had his work clothes on while Jamie Lynn covered up in a big green sweatshirt . Jamie and fiance Casey are expecting their first baby in July. Today is Jamie Lynn’s 17th birthday.

Photo: Fame

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  1. Anonymous

    jamie lynn spears is due in end not july

  2. Anonymous

    jamie lynn spears is due in the end of may not july 10.

  3. PtitePom

    Well, “Anonymous”, check that post

  4. Lisa

    On December 18, 2007, OK! reported that Jamie Lynn was around 12 weeks pregnant. A registry from Babies R Us had her due date in Mid July. Her rep did deny that the registry belonged to Jamie Lynn – so who really knows, but if OK! was right that would put her in or around her 6th month..so July is a possible due date. Nothing has ever been “officially” confirmed.

  5. Estelle

    Eh, I don’t think that registry is hers. Someone posted a link to it on another website a month or two before JL made the that trip to Babies R Us to make her registry. She’s been hiding her belly well and when I was pregnant for the first time, even when I was 7 or 8 months along, if I wore a big t-shirt or sweatshirt no one could tell I was pregnant. I would not be surprised if she had her baby in May.


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